Welcome to Max Testa Training
where the desire to achieve myriad athletic performance goals meets
scientifically -based, individualized, and proven training methods.
  • 2014-15 Indoor Cycling Training

    Max Testa Indoor Cycling program kicks off the new season November 11th! Using a scientific approach to assist athletes with their training goals, participants can enjoy a Max Testa, tailor-made training program, based on their individual fitness profile. Using your own bike, and an instrument for measuring power, exercise intensity is precisely prescribed whether you are a triathlete training for an Ironman, or a novice rider wanting to stay in shape.
  • In Max's Words:

    "Preparation for my athletes racing the Tour de France begins months in advance.  Make sure to think ahead and prepare adequately so you can enjoy your summer cycling season, injury free and fit!"
    -Max Testa
  • Personalized Training

    Each step of an athlete’s journey begins at the starting line. Max Testa Training understands that defining an individualized, physiological baseline helps each athlete train efficiently and effectively to achieve their goals, whether competing in a 5 K fun run, an Ironman triathlon, or the Tour de France.